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“As a criminal I have done a lot of harm to others with my ‘hands’. It is those ‘hands’ that Mrs. Gabby Fels has trained in Kinesiology to assist others of my fellow offenders to deal with Stress, Depression, Grief, Focus and Concentration and Anger. I am grateful to Mrs. Fels for offering my ‘hands’ a positive tool (Kinesiology) to do some good to my fellow human beings.” - ex-offender. 

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a modality based on Chinese Medicine that identifies and balances stress in the body/mind system. These imbalances are corrected through the use of acupressure holding points and many other techniques.

How does it work?

Using Quantum physics, it was discovered that the interface between the body and mind is at the muscle. So through the use of muscle testing, one is able to identify stress responses in the subconscious mind.

How does that follow?

Each muscle tested, relates to a specific energy pathway, an organ and a gland, so through muscle testing, one can obtain a picture of where the energy imbalances are, as well as finding the right correction to use.

What results can I expect?

A sense of calm; the ability to think clearly; an end to insomnia; better relationships; relaxed, pain free muscles; emotional equilibrium and having the tools to manage life better on all levels. The Life Skills teach fundamental lessons that are often missing. Another common result in Leeuwkop Prison is inmates saying they now “Know Who They Are” and have regained hope to look ahead and plan for a better future.

What if I come for a painful leg?

Kinesiology works on all levels. Therefore I would test and then strengthen weak/unbalanced muscles.
What is the most usual thing people would come to you for?
I think I have pretty well worked with every possible variety of imbalance over the past twenty years so it is difficult to say which is the most common problem. I suppose it would have to be stress in all of its different form.


This sounds like an area for doctors?

Kinesiology can be learned and practiced by anyone. However, medical doctors researched and wrote the material that is taught and used internationally. It is absolutely safe and can be used by anyone.

Do I have to believe it will work?

No. We are working with the energy system in the body, and re-aligning it so that the body can heal itself. It has nothing to do with religion, or a belief system.