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Later, carefully selected inmates were taught to facilitate classes for those who could not understand English or would never have volunteered for a course of their own volition. To date, over a 1000 inmates have completed the special workshops run by inmates themselves.

"This course has been a positive, life altering experience." – AJ

The original idea was to teach simple Kinesiology techniques to inmates to help them cope with the stressful demands of incarceration. A major objective was to teach inmates the value of taking responsibility for their actions and to equip them with the confidence and skills to ensure successful rehabilitation and re-integration into society. (Currently, more than 25% are re-arrested within 6 months). 

Over time, specific, universal stress issues were identified and in order to assist, a life skills paper was written after each training session, which became the backbone of this book.’

What will you get out of this book? 

  1. Stress Management through Kinesiology Techniques.

  2. To fill in the missing links in Life Skills, helping you move forward and upward in life.

  3. To grow hope, self-respect and peace within yourself.


Gabby’s vision is for this book to become available to every inmate in South Africa and globally. 

This is perhaps a ‘world first’ approach that will actively rehabilitate offenders back into society, reducing re-arrest rates, and making our world a safer place.


“I can safely say this book has been a positive, life altering experience. I have the necessary skills to face stress, anger and depression. Alcohol and drugs are not the solution but kinesiology is!”